Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Agendas, Membership and Board Meeting September 2018

Annual Meeting of the Membership
of the
Nevada Judicial Historical Society
Friday, September 21, 2018
Red’s Old 395 Grill
1055 S. Carson St.
Carson City, Nevada

Lunch from menu.   Please R.S.V.P. to Jason Sowards  775 684 1640

I. Call to order –Jeffrey Kintop, Vice Chairman
II. Approval of Minutes of Annual Meeting of September 15, 2017, as mailed
III. Treasurer’s Report – Janette Bloom, Treasurer
IV. Presentation of Annual Report for 2018 – Jeffrey Kintop, Vice Chairman (hand-out only)
V. Project Progress Reports:
a. Oral histories: printing/binding/reformatting of those on-line - Janette Bloom;
John  Mendoza – Victoria Mendoza
Atkins and Reed - Robert Johnston
     Assignment to duties to expedite publication
b. Ten Cases exhibit – Jeff Kintop
c.  Nomination of further interview subjects
           d.  Discussion of hiring professional facilitators

VI. Election of trustees, Teresa Rankin is finishing Timko’s term, this position needs to be                filled for 2018-2020
V. New Business
VI. Adjournment to Board of Trustees meeting

Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees
of the
Nevada Judicial Historical Society
Friday, September 21, 2018
Carson City, Nevada

I. Call to order – Jeffrey Kintop, Vice Chairman
II. Approval of the Minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting of March 9, 2018, as mailed
III. Set date for March Board meeting, 2019
IV. Nomination and election of Secretary for 2018-2020.  J. Soward filled the last year of            S. Southwick’s former term
V. New Business
VI. Adjournment


March 2018 Board Minutes

Minutes of the March 9, 2018 Meeting of the Board of Trustees

of the 

Nevada Judicial Historical Society

Chairman Peter Smith called the meeting to order at 12:15 P.M.  The meeting was held at Red’s 395 in Carson City, Nevada.  Present were the Treasurer, Janette Bloom; trustees Justice Gibbons, Dennis Myers, Terry Rankin, Judge Tom Perkins, Patty Cafferata, Karen Baggett and Jeff Kintop and member Susan Southwick.  There was a quorum to conduct business.

Both Minutes from the September 15, 2017 meeting and annual meeting were approved with no objections by motion made by Justice Gibbons and seconded by Karen Baggett.

Treasurer Janette Bloom stated she had completed and filed the Federal Tax Return by e-postcard for the non-profit Society.  She submitted a copy of the current funds ($6,900.95) available to the Society (attached).  She stated the bank account signature cards have been updated with signatures by herself, Peter Smith and Jason Sowards. Changes in the Nevada Revised Statutes free the Society from obtaining a business license and when medallions are sold, sales tax does not need to be charged.  Janette Bloom, Peter J. Smith and Susan Southwick counted the medallions and subsequently amended the report given to the membership. (See: Addendum to Minutes). Ms. Bloom’s treasurer report was approved at the meeting by motion made by Dennis Myers and seconded by Justice Gibbons.

Pending matters were discussed, including the editing of oral histories.  Janette Bloom and Jason Sowards are confirmed for this task.  For Judge Mendoza’s history, it is about 75 percent edited and Peter Smith has the copy.  Susan Southwick agreed to act as a typist to complete the corrections made by Vicki Mendoza.  The history is about 80 pages long and also needs to be indexed.  Susan Southwick also agreed to complete that index. 

Jeff Kintop reported that five histories are ready to go to the binder at the Nevada State Prison.  Janette Bloom agreed to submit the copies to Jeff for binding.  Binding costs of $1,100 have previously been estimated and agreed to by Jeff Kintop, Peter Smith, Janette Bloom and Karen Baggett. The costs are within the Society’s budget and Patty Cafferata moved to approve them which was seconded by Karen Baggett. Judge Johnson notified Peter Smith that he has edited a couple of histories which are also ready to go to binding.

There was no new business.  Peter Smith asked about a contact person to update the website for the Society on the Supreme Court’s page.  Justice Gibbons volunteered Jason Sowards, the Supreme Court’s Law Librarian, to make those corrections.

After lunch, at 1:25 P.M. Justice Gibbons moved to adjourn the meeting and Dennis Myers seconded that motion.       

Minutes submitted by Terry Rankin

Subsequent to the Meeting in March 2018, Ms. Bloom and Ms. Southwick were able to retrieve several sets of medallions held at the Court for sale, compare past sales and update the number of medallions. 

The final Count includes the following:

For 2000, zero
For 2003, 80
For 2004, 128
For 2005, 143

For a total of 351 medallions plus 2 sets of 5 each (in display cases).  For those 2 sets, one is on display in the Nevada Supreme Court Law Library and one is with Ms. Southwick.

Updated by Terry Rankin, April 2018

Update by Peter J. Smith:  One set of 5 and three loose coins in the possession of Peter J. Smith, 366 total medallions

September 2017 Annual Membership Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Membership
The Nevada Judicial Historical Society
September 15, 2017
Carson City, Nevada

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Peter Smith at 12:10 p.m.  Present were paid members Susan Southwick, Karen Baggett, Terry Rankin, The Honorable Thomas Perkins, Donald Klasic, Dennis Myers, as well as Peter Smith, constituting a quorum.  Also present were The Honorable Mark Gibbons, Jason Sowards, Janette Bloom, The Honorable Robert Johnston and Don Southwick, guest.

The Chairman then made a brief introduction of new member Jason Sowards.  Justice Gibbons further introduced Mr. Sowards as the recently appointed Supreme Court Law Librarian, noting that he had a law degree from Brandeis University and that he had come to the court from Vanderbilt University.

The minutes of the 2016 annual meeting were approved as mailed.  Myers/Gibbons.

Treasurer Janette Bloom noted that the balance as of August 31 was reduced from the 2016 balance of $7,623.39 to $6,390.95.  Total receipts came from dues and one donation, while large expenditures were made for Judge Fondi’s commemorative plaque, expenses relating to reformatting several oral histories from digital to print (including printing and binding costs), and significant postage and supplies expenses required to distribute the King’s Court book to Justice and Municipal courts.  She also put forth a budget projection for 2018 for receipts and expenditures anticipated, as well as an approximation of the value of other assets.  Susan Southwick said she thought there were more medallions than reported.  She and Ms. Bloom agreed to do a count.
Myers moved to approve, Klasic seconded; report approved.

Chairman Smith then handed out the 2017 Annual Report, saying the major points would be covered under the projects reports portion of the agenda.
He noted that the reformatting of the oral histories in digital form on UNR’s Special collections library to octavo print form was largely completed, with most of the histories also indexed for reprinting and binding.  Some large ones, like Claiborne are still in progress, but most are close to having an accurate page count to calculate publishing costs.
Robert Johnston asked about the “confidential pages” that had been withheld from the original publication of Justice Young’s history. Susan Southwick said that she had maintained them in her position as Law Librarian, but couldn’t remember exactly where they had been filed; she said she would assist Jason Sowards in locating them, but that their publication was contingent on the deaths of individuals who were still living.
Judge Johnston said he was working on completing histories of federal magistrate Phyllis Halsey Atkins and federal district judge Ed Reed and that he had obtained releases from the families of both.  He wondered how to get them published and Peter Smith said that with minimal editing and introductions, they could go on-line at the UNR Special Collections site.  Judge Johnston said he also has the original tape recordings and it was suggested that those could be offered to the Special Collections Library to back up the digital versions.

As Jeff Kintop was not present to report on the 10 Cases exhibit, Peter Smith said he would like the Society to sponsor a reception in the Old Supreme Court Chambers in the Capitol to celebrate its re-opening.  Earlier exploration had revealed that no food or drink was allowed there, so he would explore alternatives.

Janette Bloom reported that there was a good turn-out on April 7 for the dedication of Judge Fondi’s plaque at the Carson City Courthouse.  Many of the judge’s family were present, as were members of the local bar and members of the Judicial Historical Society.

Susan Southwick reported that a majority of the membership returned ballots re-electing the incumbents to additional 3-year terms.

Under New Business, Janette Bloom noted that bank account signatures need to be updated.
There being no further business, Gibbons moved for adjournment, Baggett seconding.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Susan Southwick, SecretaryAnnual

Susan Southwick, Acting Secretary

September 2017 Board Minutes

Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees
of the
Nevada Judicial Historical Society
September 15, 2017
Carson City, Nevada

Chairman Peter Smith called the meeting to order at 12:55 p.m.  Present were Treasurer, Janette Bloom, Acting Secretary, Susan Southwick, Trustees Terry Rankin, Dennis Myers, The Honorable Mark Gibbons, The Honorable Robert Johnston, The Honorable Thomas Perkins, Karen Baggett and Patricia Cafferata, constituting a quorum.  Also present were members Jason Sowards, Don Klasic, and guest Don Southwick.

Peter Smith offered an amendment to the minutes of the March 3d Board meeting . Justice Gibbons moved to approve the March minutes with the inclusion of the amendment, seconded by Patricia Cafferata.  Approved.

The date of March 9, 2018 was set for the next Board meeting, and September 21 was adopted for the 2018 annual meeting.  Both dates are Fridays.

Susan Southwick tendered her resignation from the Board of Trustees, effective at the conclusion of the meeting.  Her term lasts until September, 2018, as does the term of the office of Secretary.
Justice Gibbons then moved to nominate Jason Sowards to fill the trustee vacancy for the remainder of the term and further to appoint Mr. Sowards to the office of secretary until September, 2018.  Patricia Cafferata seconded.  Motion approved.

All incumbents of open offices had agreed to serve an additional term.  Justice Gibbons moved that Peter Smith be retained as Chairman, Jeff Kintop as Vice-Chairman and Janette Bloom as Treasurer.  Motion seconded by Patricia Cafferata.  Janette Bloom noted that she might not be able to complete the entire 3-year term, and that should be kept in mind.  The motion was approved.

It was proposed that Chairman, Peter Smith, Treasurer Janette Bloom and Secretary Jason Sowards should be on the signature card at the Heritage Bank.  As they were no longer trustees, current signatories Michael Fondi, Lola Christine Timko and Susan Southwick would be dropped.  Justice Gibbons made the motion and it was seconded by Patricia Cafferata.  Approved.

Patricia Cafferata then moved to adjourn the annual meeting of the Board, seconded by Karen Baggett.  Approved and the meeting was adjourned at 1:05 p.m.
Respectfully submitted:
Susan Southwick, Secretary

Susan Southwick, Acting Secretary

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Judge Michael E. Fondi Commemoration

Friday April 7th at 4:00 p.m. the Society will be presenting this commemorative plaque at the Carson City Courthouse.  Judge Fondi was Chairman of the Society and played a large role in getting the courthouse built while he was on the bench.

Medallions with setting

Single Medallion as sold in a protective shield and card

Commemorative Medallions for sale

The reverse of each coin shows the State Seal

Individual Medallions are $35 each

One ounce of 99.9% pure silver

All struck on the Carson City Mint

2000 is in short supply and only available in a full set of 5 coins in a nice presentation case @ $300
These are the four known locations where the Nevada Supreme Court has sat to hear cases, from the Warm Springs Hotel to the current quarters shown on the 2000 Medallion.  Prices will rise when silver goes over $35/oz again.